Cuffed Dynamic Pant

3 April 2023

Cuffed Dynamic Pant

Weekend style meets the job site with CAT's modern industrial lightweight Cuffed Dynamic Pant.

These are packed with handy features like front left and back right cargo pockets, front slash pockets, rear welt pockets and knee overlays for better durability. The Cuffed Dynamic Pant is a modern slim tapered fit with elastic cuffs at the hem. The work pant incorporates lightweight materials throughout the design to ensure a reduction of strain, as well as inbuilt Knee Protection, offering maximum comfort and protection when frequently crouching or kneeling.

We offer this style in classic colours; khaki, navy, and black to coordinate with any workwear uniform, or casual outfit. This Work Pant comes with special Belt Loops for your tool belt. We know that different people have different body types so we made special fits for men and women. Choose what fits you best!

So the next time you’re heading to work and have no time to change before afternoon drinks, be sure to wear your Cuffed Dynamic Pant.

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